In the process...

Everything I am doing right now is in preparation for something else.

  • Prepping that wood box for a piece of art that I have envisioned in my head but haven’t yet completed.
  • Watching an anatomy class, taking notes, and being a bit overwhelmed to prepare for a Pilates beginner mat certification class this week.
  • Packing a box of goodies to be shipped out to Squam Art Workshops.
  • Doing laundry, buying a few bits of clothing for my trip on Sunday to Maine and New Hampshire
  • Receiving emails from wonderful people who want to help with the book on Sibling Grief.   Sending more information to those who want to contribute.

All of these tasks are stepping stones, preparations for some amazing things.

I feel like I’m on a train that is just pulling out of the station.  It is picking up speed and I’m preparing for the crazy ride.

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One Response to Preparations

  1. Grace says:

    and what a ride it is! glad our stations crossed paths x0

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