Running with gazelles in the city

Art Bridge, Chelsea NYC

Panel on Art Bridge, Chelsea NYC

Kelly Barton sign with Stella

New York City is one of my favorite places to visit.  I can wander through the streets for hours, window shopping, people watching and getting lost in the city.  Most of my trips to the city have been with one or two friends.

This time, I spent the weekend with a herd of gazelles in the city.

Strong, confident, compassionate, beautiful, creative women.

Wandering the streets, ducking into restaurants we’d never visited, snagging the best tables, enjoying good food, great beer, gelato on a cold day, long naps on a red couch, amazing conversations, connection.

Grateful for time spent running with gazelles.

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6 Responses to Running with gazelles in the city

  1. kelly says:

    i love you guys. so happy you got to meet up for some running

  2. Swirly says:

    Love the metaphor ~ I can totally see it all!!

  3. Barb says:

    Sounds like a fabulous time!!

  4. elizabeth says:

    that’s what gazelles are known for— “snagging the best tables”

    love it– love your shots– love you!! Can’t wait to hear more house deets . . . xoxox, E

  5. stef says:

    beautiful you ~ xoxo

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