New House and a Giveaway

My new house

Last week was a bit crazy in my neighborhood.  There was a hostage situation and a guy was shot at the bank right near my apartment.  I had been looking for a new house but not really pushing it.  I figured if I put it out there and did a little looking I would find it.  But the day after all of the craziness happened, I called my girlfriend who is also my realtor and told her I need a new home soon!  I made the call from the airport as I was waiting for my flight to NYC where I was off to run with the gazelles.

On Sunday, as I was heading to brunch with the lovely gazelles, I got a text message with photos of a house that just came on the market.  It didn’t have a big front porch but it did have a huge detached garage and big hardwood trees in the front and 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a big kitchen and family room and a fireplace.  So she scheduled a showing for Monday.  I knew it was the house that was meant for me, when I walked into the big detached garage (it has 2) and saw my new studio space.  Its the space I envisioned with hardwood floors and a wood stove.  Well it doesn’t have those yet but its a wide open space and when I’m done, it will.

I have a lot of work to do to get the house where I want it, but I love a project and it will be fun making it mine.  Of course it helps that I’m in the building business so I already have all the subcontractors on speed dial.  And friends have already volunteered to come help.  So if anyone wants to come visit during April & May, you’ll be put to work…just sayin’!

Now to the giveaway.  This is my 101st blog post, so I’m doing a giveaway.  Its going to be a smorgasbord of stuff…all fun of course…and a surprise.  Just leave a comment with one thing I should definitely consider when designing my studio space.

Potential Studio Space

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14 Responses to New House and a Giveaway

  1. grace says:

    “How do I feel when I am standing here?’ ” How do I feel when I am sitting here?”
    “How do I feel as I am creating here?” The most important piece of any design is what is ignited inside your heart.
    Love you, you decisive genius.

  2. stacy says:

    Oh Melissa, what a great space! It’s gorgeous and has loads of potential. Fill it with things you love so that you will always be inspired to be in there creating. Happy moving!

  3. ehsquared says:

    I love bright colors, so that would definitely be something I would put in a studio space!

  4. Chalkboard Paint. $20 at Home Depot. So much fun and the perfect place for a creative to-do list.

  5. Barb says:

    I am so excited for you!!!! We will definitely come and help!! Even though I have my little studio room, I can’t imagine having a detached space. That is so awesome! I am picturing that room with a big cushy chair near your fireplace, and your awesome girly chandelier.
    I just read somewhere that when you are designing your studio and choosing your wall paint, to keep in mind the kind of work that you do so that the wall color doesn’t change the way you see your paints and supplies.
    I’m not sure if your space has a window, but that would be a big wish for me. I love standing by my table looking out of the window while I create.

  6. Meghan says:

    Congratulations, Melissa!!! Your new home sounds lovely. Wish I lived closer to see you and the house in person–and to help. I would think about what color really inspires you and paint the walls that color. And then think about pictures, art, photos that make you happy, lift you up, remind you of how fabulous you are, and fill the studio with those pieces. xoxo

  7. elizabeth says:

    oh, is it crazy to say I feel connected to the energies all around this? cause I do and baby, it feels GOOOoooooooood.

    So, down the road after you do ALL the other amazing wonderful projects (lucky you with contractors on speed dial)– that house could totally have a front porch put on to it. I can see it.

    As for one thing to do— my best suggestion is to grab every book/magazine on studio spaces– surfing on line is great for this— and put those that you love, even if it is a shelf– or layout — or just a feeling you get– but gather up actual images that support YOUR dream studio space . .. tack/tape them to a wall, to a bulletin board– in a binder– it doesn’t matter as long as you keep looking on them, adding to them and refining what you love MOST– and then THAT is what you will have!

    woot. I am so happy for you. Happy happy creative homemaking to you!

    xoox, E

  8. light!
    congrats on the new place.

  9. mom says:

    A room for your mother!

  10. i agree, light. and a good spot to sit and watch that tree. the seasons will be so much sweeter with the leaves changing in your own front yard.

  11. amy says:

    I think you need a big inspiration wall in your studio. With chalkboard paint. And photo wires. and happy little things.

    Congrats, lady! It’s GORGEOUS!

  12. jen gray says:

    so happy for you ! love jen

  13. Jo-Anne says:

    You should include a huge cork board that you can fill with all sorts of inspriational words, articles, pictures. A vision board on a grand scale!

  14. Amy says:

    All the ideas are great. Light, inspiration, places to jot down ideas….also a very comfortable place to sit/meditate is essential. I find it hard to be creative when I’m uncomfortable. I would definitely consider that as well. 🙂 Also, to organize things in a way that I have a lot of space to move…I love being able to move about my creative space. That chalkboard paint sounds AWESOME. I wish I could paint my apartment walls. 🙂

    Congrats on the gorgeous new house!

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