Full moon last week

Friends often marvel at how quickly I make changes in my life.  Whether it be getting a new hairstyle, which I do quite often, to buying a house in a week to jumping head first into a new relationship.  One minute I’m moving to Cali, the next I’m buying a house in NC.  One minute I’m making plans to travel cross country (which I still plan to d0) and the next I’m asking for ideas to set up an art studio in my detached garage.

I guess if you look at it you could say I’m flaky, indecisive, flighty, running, searching.  My father would say that I don’t know what I want…to do with my life, be in my life…he would say I need to make a choice and stick with it.

Maybe I am always searching…to do more, to be more, to experience different things.  So last year I wanted to move to Cali, to be near my best friend and like minded souls.  This year I am buying a house in NC that needs some work.  I’ve always wanted to rehab a house and now is my chance to do that.

I often wonder why I do not have an aversion to change when I see so many others who really don’t like it one bit.  Maybe its because of things that have happened in my life and it was just easier to embrace change than fight it.  I was talking to my brother the other day and he made the comment that I’ve been through a lot of crap in my life.  This isn’t the first time someone has said that to me.  I often chuckle because I don’t look at it that way.  Yes, my parents divorced when I was a teenager, yes we moved in the middle of high school, yes, I lost my brother way too young, yes, I went through a divorce, yes, I’ve moved quite a bit, changed careers, had other failed relationships…but honestly, who hasn’t had a lot of crap in their lives.  I look at all of these things and see how they have shaped who I am today.  I don’t wallow in the past, I look toward the future and try so very hard to live in the moment.

Maybe my life is an example of what ‘not’ to do…or maybe its to show that you don’t have to make a choice and stick with it forever.  Its ok at age 43 to start training to teach pilates, buy a house that needs some tlc, dream of putting an art studio in your backyard.

Its ok to embrace change.


There’s still time to enter the giveaway from my previous post.  I’ll choose a winner on Thursday March 3rd after the home inspection results arrive…so enter by midnight on March 2nd.

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12 Responses to Ch-ch-changes

  1. Arabella says:

    YES! to it all. And YES to you making the right decisions for you are the right time for you. Love to you. Lots of it.

  2. Patty Cunniff says:

    With all of the things that your life has been through, you are the most level headed person I know…and look at all the wonderful people you have met and all the wonderful experiences you have experienced. You are right we have all been through a lot of crap in our lives and you are right again to say that that is what makes us the people we are. Some people do not handle life experiences as you have, they take the wrong path and say its because of what they have been through. You have taken a path full of ditches and meadows, brooks and rapids, up mountains and down hills…and you have come into the valley a person other people aspire to be..You are right in saying EMBRACE CHANGE, and turn it into the best life anyone can have I love you

  3. Grace says:

    Baby, you are my inspiration! I admire your ability to jump in. Wisdom comes from experience and each one of the changes has added to your book of wisdom. At the end of this journey you are going to have a magnificent & colorful quilt of your life. Love you BIG.

  4. Swirly says:

    You are an example of ALL GOOD THINGS.

  5. John Davison says:

    Jumping head first into a relationship can be very risky. At least the house will gain equity. I’m not so sure about this guy :p

  6. amy says:

    This is one of the things I love about you. You are a great example of embracing change, so I’d hate to see you, uh, change that.

    You know what I mean. 🙂

  7. Amy says:

    I love this post. It makes me want to know you! 🙂

  8. kelly says:

    i just started reading the art of non-conformity. this makes me smile.
    i admire your independence and your drive.

    can’t wait to see the new digs.


  9. Barb says:

    You’re my hero…

  10. stef says:

    i love it all, the more the better, you have experienced life baby – and for you and for me that is what it’s all about!


  11. jen gray says:

    i love you just as you are.
    you are perfect to me.
    and i like the way you explore and dream and try out different hats.
    just keep doing what you are doing 🙂

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