Photo Journal – Nags Head

Shimmering Sea

Pilot Whale

Pelicans in formation


For my Squam by the Sea sisters - recognize this?



More Love

for more photos from Nags Head check them out on flickr

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8 Responses to Photo Journal – Nags Head

  1. Jennifer says:

    loving these photos!

  2. amy says:

    These photos are gorgeous! Hope your time by the sea was magical and healing. Can’t wait to hear about it.


  3. seriously dude! you found a heart with a smiley face on it???? hope you saved that sucker. and i hope you are enjoying the solitude. who needs more than sand, rocks, and some freaking whales to watch! xo

  4. elizabeth says:

    oh my fave place!!!! thank you for sharing the magic– the MAGIC beach!

  5. Kelly Barton says:

    hoping you are soaking it up. and williamson cracks me up!

  6. oh, so wonderful and how happy am I that you were there! and saw whales and dolphins! friend me on Flickr so I can see those photos 🙂 (Steffierenee) and thanks for the show love ~ you all were there with me, I felt the love!!


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