I AM – the documentary

This week I happened to be home one afternoon before heading to pilates and turned on the Oprah show to see who her guest was.  It was this hollywood director, Tom Shadyac, talking about living his truth, moving out of his huge mansion into a double-wide trailer and making this documentary.  He was searching for what was wrong in the world and as you can see from the trailer found out what’s right.  This interview really touched something in me.  And as you may know from my last post, I quit my job.  It had been rolling around in my head for a quite awhile but I couldn’t pull the trigger.  After watching this interview, the voice got louder and more persistent so a day or two later, I had the conversation about leaving the family business.

Its a powerful thing when you can share with others who may be questioning their path and they see you make a change.  Maybe you give them a little bit of courage to really live their truth.  Or you watch a video like the one above and it touches someone’s life.  I often wonder about this blog and if anyone is listening or reading and then I get a comment that makes me realize why I do write here.

There was another group on Oprah that day called Invisible Children.  Its a group that was formed by 3 guys who travelled to Africa and discovered some horrible atrocities and  they are doing something about it through their non-profit.  Tomorrow, April 25th, they are asking for everyone to observe 25 hours of silence to end 25 years of war and to raise $25.  I don’t think I can observe the 25 hours of silence but am committed to donating $25.  If you feel so moved, you can donate or raise $25 too.  After watching their video, you will be compelled to do something.

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4 Responses to I AM – the documentary

  1. elizabeth says:

    with you. with you. with you.

  2. grace says:

    we all got to see it this week here in boulder. it’s a life changer for sure.
    love you

  3. amy says:

    I’m so glad you are sharing your truth here. I know that I often come here and find exactly what i needed to find. The Universe works that way, i guess. I’m proud of you for following your truth and hope you see how brave you are for taking bold steps.

    It’s all gonna be ok.


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