Stuff, Stuff and More Stuff!

Too much stuff

How can one person possibly accumulate so much stuff?

I was just packing my closet and had a little meltdown…ok…I really just sat there muttering to myself…’it is ridiculous how much stuff I have’…over and over again.  Its crazy.  I purge stuff on a pretty regular basis, I’ve been selling a few things on ebay, and have already taken a carload to Goodwill.  And yet…still more stuff.

I admire those people who have pared down their possessions to 100 things.  I think I would need a professional organizer to help me get to that point because obviously I have a problem doing it on my own.

Ok enough of my whining…back to packing!

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One Response to Stuff, Stuff and More Stuff!

  1. Barb says:

    Oh my… I think I need to follow your example.

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