The balance of the artwork that still needs to be hung on the walls

Definition:  not in perfect balance; a bit askew

I’ve been feeling a bit off balance the past few days.  I can’t put my finger on why.

Things are good.  I’m getting settled in my new home and have turned in the keys to the old one.  I leave the house in workout clothes every day.  I’m picking up more private clients at the pilates studio.  I’ve been asked to coordinate an art workshop for girls.  I have all kinds of flexibility with work.  What could be wrong?

Maybe its that I may have a mouse in the house and while one mouse I can live with…a family of them…not so much.

Maybe its that I am busier now than I was while working full time and the month of May has really flown by.

Maybe its that I did yardwork on Saturday and am feeling sore in places I haven’t in ages.

Maybe its that while I know the light overpowers the dark, I need to be ok with a little dark once in awhile.

Maybe its that May is always a tough month.

Maybe its that my birthday is coming up and I’m turning 44…nah, I like birthdays and I don’t feel my age…can’t be that!

Whatever “IT” is, I need to be OK with not being ok all the time.  This too shall pass, I need to let go of trying to fix it.

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5 Responses to Off-Kilter

  1. Kelly Barton says:

    i hear you!
    the thing i adore about you most i think, is that you
    just say it. you put it out there and then go. i have
    learned from you. and for that i am thankful.

    of course you are a bit off kilter. it has been a big few months
    these are the days that the kilter will adjust with a sudden burst
    and you look back and squeel…..weeeeeeee that was fun!

    can i tell you that seeing my art here just made me smile. i had
    totally forgotten you have “ahead”. but when i saw it, i remembered
    the rush my heart felt when she sold in the shop and the kind
    note that you left me.

    you are a gift. know that. i am blessed to call you friend.
    i am gonna throw a little hug in too.

  2. John Davison says:

    44? You told me you were 34. Eh, I would have believed 24 🙂

  3. Amy says:

    I can feel every word of this post. I’m a little off-kilter too, and like you, I need to just be ok with it and stop trying to fix everything.

    Thank you for putting this out there. Thank you for saying what’s true for you. I think it’s important to recognize that not every day is sunshine and fairy dust. Some days are just…weird.

    Sure do love you and what you give to the world.

  4. “I need to be okay with not being okay all the time.” UMMM that about sums it up… thanks for these words and admitting when things are not okay so the rest of us know that it’s okay. you know what i mean? love you to bits.

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