Clean Slate

lovely flowers from my friends at the studio

Whew…I survived the month of May.

May is my favorite month and least favorite month all rolled into one.  Its the ‘unofficial’ start of Summer, the weather starts warming up (although the 90’s was not quite what I had in mind), its my birthday month, people are out and about more and seem happier.  But its also the month that marks the anniversary of my brother’s death so its a bit of a double-edged sword this month of May.  This May happened to have been extremely topsy-turvy.  There was the big move (although if you look at my new place you would think I’ve been here way longer than 1 month); then I started to work part-time at the family biz but picked up hours at the pilates studio; there were two graduations…Congrats to Scott and Kate…now its on to working full time and college, respectively; a couple of visitors; yard work; settling in; and relationship changes.  So you see why I said WHEW!

I have vowed that June will not be so crazy.  So I started the month by taking the morning off yesterday.  I felt like such a rebel staying in bed until 7:15 and lounging around in my pj’s until late into the morning.  I was finally able to get my email set up on my home computer so now everything is in one place and import all my contacts, write some thank you notes and catch up on some blog reading.  The afternoon was spent running errands but I didn’t feel stressed.  It was a great way to usher in a whole new month, a clean slate….although if you really think about it every day we are given a clean slate to do with what we choose.  I may have to bookmark this to remind myself of this very point when I feel a bit out of control.

We can choose to start each day fresh (heck each hour if we want) and not constantly fall into the same patterns of craziness or stress.  Its our choice…hmmmm…what a novel idea huh?!

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5 Responses to Clean Slate

  1. Barb says:

    You have an incredible knack of saying the right thing at the right time for me. Thanks…

  2. simplytrece says:

    Thanks for the reminder. I’ve been spazzing out all morning over my doctor’s appointment today – no need to. I can choose to breathe and be serene and know that all is well.

  3. Wanna hear something funny? My little one said almost the same exact thing yesterday. Not in so many words, but we were walking home from school and he said, “Mom, you get to start again every day if you want to. It’s all brand new, right?” A gentle reminder from both of you . . . xoxo

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