Insect Museum?

Living Room - looks 'normal'

I have always been a big fan of older homes.  They have such charm and character so I was thrilled when I found this house to rent.

Of course there is tons of history in this house.  I would love to learn more about who built it back in 1902 and who lived in it all these years and maybe I can dig up that information.  What I have learned about this old house is that there are alot of bugs here.  One night about a month ago, I came out into the living room to find a huge wood roach scampering across the floor.  If I wasn’t so intent on killing it I might have stopped to take a photo to share.  I’ve also seen other little insects here and there.

Then last week, my vet discovered a flea on my poor little Allie cat and I freaked a bit.  The exterminator was here the next day and I treated Allie with some Frontline (which was done in a panic) and I figured well that should take care of things.  WRONG!  It only stirred up every possible insect that was living in these old walls.  Not only are the fleas still hanging around, this morning there was a long line of ants marching up the wall into my cabinets.  Then after I emptied the cabinet and killed the ants, I went to jump in the shower only to find 3 crickets chillin’ in the tub.

I was joking earlier today that maybe this old house was an insect museum.  Then I went outside and saw this fellow hanging on the deck.

Prehistoric bug?

Now I’m convinced.  This house was definitely an Insect Museum!

Oh…and if I had seen this guy in the house, I would have been the crazy woman running down the street screaming.

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3 Responses to Insect Museum?

  1. amy says:

    oh, geez. I’m creeped out for you. Ew. I hate bugs.
    I hate to put violent energy on your blog, so I’ll just say that I hope they all leave your home and go to the park across town. Or something.

  2. Swirly says:

    My cottage was the Dead Fly Zone ~ they would all fly in during the day when all my doors were open, and then the next morning there they’d be – dead on my floor! At least you have variety. 😉

  3. Jamie says:

    Ug. I totally hear you! Being in the south + living in a historic district = roaches.
    HUGE roaches.
    Something I just can’t get used to. (shiver)
    love seeing a peek at your new home! I hope it is starting to feel like home for you, bugs and all!

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