Last week I drove down to Florida for a week at the beach with family.  I never dreamed it would be cooler there than it would be here but it was and it was beautiful.  I always enjoy my time by the sea and this trip was no different.  Waking up every morning and looking out to the sea is something I could get used to doing.  I feel rejuvenated and ready to go….ok well a little tired this morning from the drive back and a restless night’s sleep but still ready to go.  Ready to get moving on projects I’ve been putting off and still letting go of things that no longer serve me….hello control issues.  Every time I visit the sea, I come away with a renewed sense of purpose.  I can only imagine if I lived closer….hmmmm.

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8 Responses to Rejuvenated

  1. Grace says:


  2. Barb says:

    Gorgeous pictures!!

  3. elizabeth says:

    oh my god—— LOVE just looking at these photos lifted me on the breeze– heavenly.

  4. simplytrece says:

    Where in Florida is this? My daughter lived near Sarasota/Venice.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Family is such a precious thing in life. So happy that you had the time to soak them in.

    Your sunset picture is stunning. Makes my heart smile.

  6. Gorgeous, there is no doubt why the sea is so rejuvenating when you look at these photos. The sound of the waves grounds me like nothing else in the world… just a little cottage by the sea, not asking for much…

  7. Geraldine says:

    Wow, amazing scenes and great photos! Got here via Selma’s blog.

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