Allowing for Time to Celebrate

Allie "enjoying" a little Prosecco

On Friday, I completed my final testing for my Pilates certification.  This was one of the biggest goals I have ever set for myself.  It involved 600+ hours of observing, teaching, and taking classes.  It involved four full weekends of training plus countless hours of studying.  At times, early in the process, I thought I would never get through this.  But this past Friday, I did my advance mat workout, finished my written test and completed the oral portion of the test.   A year in the making and its complete.

Yet, I have been having a hard time allowing myself to celebrate this accomplishment.  Maybe its because in the middle of the oral test, I received a call saying the my cousin was receiving his last rites and this pilates certification didn’t seem all that important.  Or maybe its because after all this time and work, there was no fan fair, no marching band, no balloons.  I’m not sure why I was resistant to celebrate, but I kind of forced myself on Friday evening to open a bottle of Prosecco, spend time on the phone with a dear friend  and laugh hysterically at the antics of Melissa McCarthy and various other things….oh and of course snap pictures of Allie (above) staring into my glass.

Yesterday, I didn’t have anywhere to be until 5:30pm so I gave myself permission to chill out, relax and take my time getting ready.  Of course I did clean my house so it wasn’t a total day of luxury.

Taking my time and not rushing about my day, I guess that was my sort of celebration for this big goal.  Of course, today I am focused on my book and spending time to work on that.  Does anyone else have a hard time allowing time for celebration following the completion of a big project or goal?  Or are you already focused on the next thing like me?

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8 Responses to Allowing for Time to Celebrate

  1. lisa says:

    i totally get this. i find nearly every accomplishment anticlimatic. partly because i’m a starter and lose interest pretty early on in things. so even when i complete, i’m still like, eh.

    you should be very very proud of yourself. you worked very hard and this accomplishment means more than just finishing a project.

    i’m proud of you.

  2. well, first of all i’m so glad i was the friend you were “celebrating” with, even if it was virtually. the hearty laughs between sips of Prosecco were exactly what i needed that night, too. and Lisa is right. this means more than just finishing a project. it required dedication and patience and perseverance and inner (and outer) strength–all of which prove you have EXACTLY what it takes to get what you need moving forward. the future is bright, Missy! VERY bright. Love you!

  3. TBM says:

    Congratulations! I am sorry to hear about your cousin. No wonder you have mixed emotions, but it doesn’t diminish that you finished a goal you set for yourself. I think it is hard for us to enjoy accomplishments since our lives are so focused on getting things done. Once you complete one goal, there are more on the horizon. It is good to step back and celebrate.

  4. Swirly says:

    You absolutely, positively deserve a celebration. You worked your buns off (and now you have perfect buns), and I am insanely, crazily proud of you!!

  5. LB says:

    Congratulations! You deserve to celebrate and continue celebrating this accomplishment. I think it’s amazing! I’m sorry to hear about your cousin. Allie is adorable…..and HVR! HVR! xoxo

  6. elizabeth says:

    fan FAIR FAN fair fan FAIR Fan fair!!!!! tooting horns and sending up balloons.

    hot stuff. gotta celebrate ALL that WORK. woman– look in the mirror today and give yourself a bit wet kiss, m’kay?

  7. Karen D says:

    I am tooting the horn over here for you. Sometimes it’s all about the balance, the good news and the sad news.. they both need their space. You know from our time at Serendipity that I truly admire your pilates buns! great adverstising for pilates as a workout!


  8. amy says:

    congrats on reaching your goal! I’m proud of all your hard work and excited to see what this new path brings you. Miss you tons. let’s chat soon.


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