I walked out in the biting cold to get the mail and had a lovely surprise from Christine.  Its not a big surprise to receive mail from her since she’s one of the few who still believes in snail mail.  It was a lovely surprise to receive one of her cards*.  Its kind of funny too because I was seeing pictures of some the cards she sent out and was feeling a wee bit jealous.  I have many cards and notes she sent me over the years, so what in the heck was I feeling jealous about?  As always though, she knew just what I needed at this moment.  I adore this woman and am so thankful for her in my life!

*read about Christine’s new tradition here.

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3 Responses to OK

  1. she picked the perfect card for you, of course she did! and how right she is. snail mail really is the best. nothing like that little stamp and the handwritten note to let you know you are loved…sweet.

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