Guest Post and Giveaway by Christine Mason Miller

****The Giveaway winner is (drumroll please) Karen Delaney Dino aka Deldino!  Congratulations!  Christine will be in touch to ship off your extra special wall art!****

Today I am excited to have Christine Mason Miller here to share her new book, Desire to Inspire.  Christine is my best friend and she has been inspiring me for the many years we have known each other, since the day she whipped up bigger than life silhouettes for the Virginia Tech Homecoming Dance in 1987!  We became friends shortly after that day and I can’t imagine a better BFF.  Through the good times and bad, she is always an inspiration.  I am so proud of her latest endeavor and cannot wait to hold this book in my own two hands.  Check out a snippet here…

Christine Mason Miller’s latest book – Desire to Inspire: Using Creative Passion to Transform the World – is a collection of stories, exercises, images, quotes, and anecdotes from twenty extraordinary contributors, all sharing insights and experiences of how they create a meaningful life and, in turn, make a positive impact on the world. Each chapter discusses a different aspect of living a passion-fueled life, and this month Christine is offering a 60-Second Snapshot of each chapter as part of her Desire to Inspire Virtual Book Tour. Click here for all her online book tour dates!

Today Christine discusses Chapter 5 ~ Twists, Turns, and Other Beautiful Surprises

“The unpredictable nature of following dreams and creating a meaningful life is perhaps the only certainty that exists along these journeys. There are no guarantees in even the best laid-out plans; one way or another the details of life are going to trickle in and force me to re-evaluate, venture into unknown territory, or abandon certain items in my metaphorical backpack.” ~Desire to Inspire

Both of these statements are true, and beautiful for their own reasons:

My life has turned out exactly the way I dreamed it would.

My life has turned out nothing like I thought it would.

Leave a comment today through 5pm December 21st and be entered to win one of the three wall art pieces pictured below!  

The winner will be selected at random and announced on December 22nd.

Christine Mason Miller is a Santa Monica-based artist, writer, and explorer. Her next book – Desire to Inspire: Using Creative Passion to Transform the World – is now available at bookstores everywhere and Follow her adventures at

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13 Responses to Guest Post and Giveaway by Christine Mason Miller

  1. Izzy says:

    I just received this book yesterday as a gift from a dear friend. Can’t wait to dive head first into the pages later this afternoon. What a wonderful giveaway. Thanks M. Izzy

  2. LB says:

    Oooo. I need to get this book! It looks amazing! I didn’t know you guys were BFF’s! What a wonderful person to have so close to your heart.

    Miss you, my love!! xoxo

  3. Barb says:

    So true! I hope you are having a blast!

  4. wesleyjeanne says:

    Cool! I just got a copy of Christine’s book last week and turned around and ordered two copies for friends (like Izzy!). She is truly inspiring, indeed.

  5. Swirly says:

    Having you here for the book launch was just the best thing ever. I love you.

  6. Grace says:

    love…love…and more, you guessed it, love

  7. Jennifer says:

    Christine is pure inspiration. Where ever she travels you can spot little pieces of pixie dust from her shining spirit. I cannot wait to get my hands on this book to. It looks stunning!

  8. Hope the book launch was amazing–no doubt that it was!

  9. celisa says:

    mmmm. “when we follow our joy, we shine, lighting the way for others”

    i love this.

  10. jen gray says:

    I ordered Swirly’s book with the intention of giving it to a friend, but aw hell, i loved it so much so I’m keeping this one for myself. And yes, Ill be ordering more… This is a beauty! So wish I could have celebrated with you all !!!!

    love jen

  11. Karen D says:

    I just received my copy and love it already.. what a wonderful gift it is.

  12. karendino says:

    I am so excited to have won!!! Thanks so much to both of you..


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