Pursuit of Healthfulness – Week 6.3

I missed my post on Friday and now its Monday so that accounts for the 6.3.

This past week was a bit of a downslide for me.  I ate out more than usual including a hamburger and fries that tasted great but a few hours later made me feel sluggish.  I had chicken pot pie that was delicious and a brownie sundae with my sister.  I had beer and wine and more cheese than normal.

I am noticing more and more how various foods make me feel.  I am learning what gives me energy and what saps it, what makes me bloated and what fills the hunger without any side effects.  I feel like I have a long way to go but one step at a time.

Since I am heading out of town for the rest of the week I’m sure I will be tempted with all types of foods I’ve been avoiding…that’s what happens when you go on vacation.  I am sure that I’ll have a lot to share when I return next week.

Until then, check in with Karen at Journey Back to Self and please feel free to share your journey here.

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2 Responses to Pursuit of Healthfulness – Week 6.3

  1. Steph says:

    “I am noticing more and more how various foods make me feel.”

    I’ve been noticing the same thing during these past few weeks. How much food is enough, what types of foods work well and when…it’s a wonderful bit of knowledge.

    Enjoy your vacation! : )

  2. Karen D says:

    So important, the awareness you are cultivating..and knowing that it is small steps and not beating yourself up …

    Love this and I love a good burger too!


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