Finally Getting a Little Creative

Soul Collage Cards

Inspiration Deck

File Cabinet casters

"Wish" Box

I’ve been pretty quiet here.  Lately, I get home from teaching and can’t seem to do much of anything, including writing a blog post.  I have managed to fit a few creative projects into my days…and I need to do more.

What have you been creating lately?

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4 Responses to Finally Getting a Little Creative

  1. misskiat says:

    Looks good sweets. xoxoxo

  2. Jennifer says:

    I have been struggling as well with trying to fit the creative and the writing into life….that is something that I must change…

    I love your inspiration deck, what a great idea

  3. kellyjeanette says:

    Melissa, I love the soul collage cards!! The photos and beautiful as well. Did you make the inspiration deck?

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