I have been thinking a lot lately about how I am living this life.  I strive to be kind to everyone, even the cranky people because hey I’ve been there too.  I’ve been much more in tune to nature lately, and appreciate the birds singing their songs and watch them feeding their babes.  I like to watch the squirrels chasing each other around my yard.  I get teary every time I see a dead animal on the side of the road and wonder if they suffered greatly.

And then I start thinking about how we (as a collective) assume that we have more rights than animals to live here.  While visiting M and P last weekend, P started complaining about the rabbits living under the deck and how they were eating the plants and then how the geese were pooping all over the golf course and they really needed to do something to get rid of them.  I started getting really annoyed.  We cut down trees to build houses and take away the natural habitat for so many animals and then when they come hang out in our yards because they have nowhere else to go, we want to get rid of them there too.  We have exterminators come and spray our homes to get rid of bugs and we spray our yards to eliminate weeds.  I am guilty of freaking out and calling the exterminator immediately when I found a huge wood roach in my house last year and then the fleas.  Since then though I have not had the exterminator back.  I would rather have a few bugs then spray chemicals that could cause even more problems.  I’d rather take the spider outside then kill him because he’ll take care of some of the other bugs.  I will kill silverfish though because well they are really creepy!

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that I am being more mindful of how I treat all creatures, humans and animals, insects and arachnids.  Maybe if we start with the little things, like picking up an inch worm and setting him outside, then maybe we build up to taking that spider by its thread and putting him outside too.  There is so much value in all life, we all have a purpose here, maybe we should let the weeds and insects, spiders and squirrels, serve theirs instead of trying to figure out ways to get rid of them.  Then maybe just maybe we can extend that mindfulness to how we treat other people.

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One Response to Mindfulness

  1. John says:

    I think the Native Americans, African Americans, homosexuals and unmarried cohabitators would all agree with you. People are often too quick to assume that they alone have unique rights to space or the ability to vote to tell others what rights they can have. God put us here to exist with one another, yet humans often exhibit “privledged rights.”

    Reminds me of an exercise in a management training class many years ago. Twenty of us were put in a roped off area, maybe twenty feet square. We were told that we could “tag” one another out and that the last man standing would win. We all ran around, diving and avoiding one another and tagging each other until only I was left (of course I was, due to my CLR (lol)). The game administrators declared all of us losers. I was outraged. I had grass stains on my shorts and shirt and I was winded from the effort I exercised to win. The point, they said, was that we viewed the exercise as one of survival, not as team work. Had we just agreed as a collective group not to tag out anyone, we all would have “survived” and been declared winners.

    When will mankind stop “tagging each other out” and realize that patience and tolerance, not selfishness and violence, will make us collective winners in the game of life. Anything less, and we ALL lose.

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