My Story

When recently asked to write a little blurb about myself, I struggled.  What do I say about me?  A 40-something, former Corporate drone who made a career change to a Pilates instructor…single, divorced, lives alone with her cat…I mean what does one write about themselves?

I took a class with the amazing Jen Lee about telling your story.  I remember telling Jen about my brother’s death and how I didn’t think that was my story, but she looked deep into my eyes and said yes, yes it is your story and you need to share it.  So I’ve been contemplating a book for a very long time and am still trying to figure out what that looks like.

But…back to my story.   I find it hard to come up with one or two lines to tell  it…sure its easy to tell people what you do for a job or calling but that’s not necessarily all that you are.  Then this morning as I was in that space between dreaming and waking, I thought we can choose to change our story… if we want.  We have that choice.  We don’t have to stay stuck in the story of our past if we don’t want to.  Sure there are things we need to work through so we don’t repeat that story but it can be done.

So right now, in this moment, what is my story?  I’m just a girl in the world….

…to be continued.

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4 Responses to My Story

  1. Jennifer says:

    You my dear are not just a girl in the world….. You are a girl with an incredible laugh, deep dreams, a wide expansive heart, and courage flowing through you. You are wise, strong, and brave.

    We have the power to choose what the next line in the story is going to be. Grab that pen and write YOUR story.

    Sending you lots of love.

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