Subtle Shifts

The things that used to seem so important that aren’t anymore.  College football on a Saturday afternoon.  Trying to ‘fit in’ wherever I go.  Needing someone to go with me to watch a band or eat out.  Feeling the urge to pick up the phone whenever I’m feeling down so I can have someone else tell me its all going to be ok, even though I  already know it will.  Keeping quiet when I have something I really want to say for fear of ruffling some feathers.  Constantly needing approval.

Ok so some of these aren’t small subtle changes but they’ve happened slowly over time.  Maybe its a self confidence that comes with age.  Maybe its this awakening into knowing what really matters in this life.  Paying more attention to what feels right deep down in the core of my being.

I like these shifts, I feel more like Me.  I know more shifts are coming, some subtle, some not so much.  While I may not know exactly what these shifts are, I know that they will be exactly what is needed.

There is a mantra I say when I feel a bit of fear creeping in, usually late at night when I hear strange noises, I am safe and I will always be ok.

Have you noticed subtle shifts in your life?  How does it make you feel?  Do you have a mantra that helps you work through the fear?

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3 Responses to Subtle Shifts

  1. lisa parks says:

    your words fill me with a sense of peace. this is a good shift. feeling at ease in your own skin and not fearing what comes next. i love it.

    a mantra i find myself repeating throughout the day is (inhale) “i choose to have faith in love” (exhale) “i release my faith in fear”.

    love you.

  2. Kristen says:

    You inspire me! I love you

  3. kolleen says:

    oh yes … i have definitely felt subtle and not so subtle shifts through out the last year or two … i think turning 40 was pretty transitional for me. i relate so well to your shifts … i feel more and more like i am coming home to me … the more i listen to my inner knowing and stay true to it.

    love this post!!! can’t wait to nestle in on the coast!!!


    ps… my mantra at these times is “soul peace”

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