The Truth is…

While there have been subtle and not so subtle shifts in my life.  And while I am more comfortable in my own skin, the truth is…

There are some days when I don’t work out

I still watch Days of Our Lives…just now on hulu

Sometimes dinner is the jar of almond butter with a spoon

I will leave clothes in the dryer and just pull them out as needed…for days (ok, weeks)

I’ll leave dishes in the sink overnight or all day

While I try to be present in each moment, I do think about the past and wonder ‘what if?’

Even though I enjoy my solitude, some nights I’d like to come home to someone who I can cuddle with on the couch, who is not my cat

Somedays its not ‘all good’

I know that I can’t fix things for you but dammit I really really wish I could

I’m not sure what my passion is and I’m really trying to figure that out

I spend more money than I make and sometimes it stresses me out but I don’t normally let on that it does

Sometimes I curl up on the couch and watch tv for hours

And somedays, I don’t leave my house, don’t talk to anyone, don’t even get out of my pjs.

The truth is…life is not all sunshine and roses…sometimes its weeds and rain.  But I believe that it is all exactly as it is supposed to be…the good, the bad, the ugly.  The truth is…I don’t think I’d change any bit of it.

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10 Responses to The Truth is…

  1. Jennifer says:

    Love this post. Yes life is not always sunshine and rainbows….but life is life, and we are here living it. That is what makes it beautiful. Xoxo.

  2. Celina says:

    Yes. Hearing every word and nodding along.

  3. heather says:

    YES!! Oh yes. I continually remind myself that life begins in the dark. I love watching others embrace the “darks” in their life because usually, not far off, a light shines bright and transformation happens. LOVE.

  4. Dawn Church says:

    yes! love you. xoxo

  5. michelle gd says:

    so refreshingly honest.

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