How to*

A story written in the sand (OBX, October 2012)

How to Procrastinate

  • Wake up early before the sun rises
  • Make a fresh pot of coffee
  • Warm  milk on the stove
  • Feed cat
  • Froth milk and sugar
  • Pour in coffee
  • Open up laptop
  • Check email, skipping over the ones you don’t want to deal with yet
  • Check instagram
  • Play words with friends
  • Check Facebook, comment on posts, update status
  • Make a second cup of coffee, then breakfast
  • Check schedule for the day
  • Read emails that were skipped earlier
  • Shower
  • Check to see if anyone else liked your Instagram or Facebook post
  • Get dressed
  • Play another word
  • Put on makeup
  • Give cat more food
  • Run out the door at the last minute to go teach

*Written in Raw Matters class with Maya Stein at Squam by the Sea last Thursday. Prompt was “how to” or “I know”.  Her prompts were great and I will be sharing more writing from her class over time.  It was great fun to write and play with her!

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6 Responses to How to*

  1. Kelly Barton says:

    *so true
    *seems familiar
    *going to like one or your instagrams so you can see some one likes you
    *wish i had been in maya’s class
    *happy wednesday.

  2. Stevie says:

    I love how you procrastinate. I have similar ways… And why are we not playing Words With Friends?

  3. ha! i know how early you were up playing words with friends! i was awake but fell back asleep trying to play my turn. haha

  4. michelle gd says:

    your ways of procrastination sound so relaxing 🙂

  5. Patty says:

    Ha.. I can see you the whole way through your morning!!

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