Gratitude Week – Day 1

I am joining Michelle in her Gratitude Week.

Today, I am grateful…

  • for a quiet Monday morning with no appointments and no need to rush out the door
  • for a warm sunny day in November
  • that my dear friend who had surgery on Friday was moved out of ICU today
  • for the Sunday crossword that lasts me a couple of days
  • for dark chocolate with sea salt
  • for this day and this moment.

Want to join in?  Post to your blog, share it on Facebook or don’t share it at all, but write it in your journal just for you.

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One Response to Gratitude Week – Day 1

  1. michelle gd says:

    glad to hear your friend has been moved out of ICU…wishing continued healing.
    and dark chocolate with sea salt? oh yes.
    and this day and this moment…yes, yes, yes.
    {thanks for linking up. xo}

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