Opening Up


There is trust involved in opening up to someone new.  Letting them see the good and the bad.  Letting them know your hopes and fears and dreams.  Trying not to let your past influence your present.  Trying to be in the moment and not thinking too far ahead nor looking back at how things unfolded before.  Letting go of the fear of getting hurt or worse yet hurting them.  Keeping the fears at bay.

Opening up your heart to the possibilities.  Letting love in.

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3 Responses to Opening Up

  1. Jennifer says:

    Yes there is trust indeed. And I am so glad that you are open to this. Sending you so much love. xoxo

  2. michelle gd says:

    yes, so much trust involved. which is a beautiful, beautiful thing…but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. love to you. let it all in…

  3. Guilt is much like fear. No one is perfect, but too often guilt becomes a way to punish ourselves by denying the success we deserve. Much of our beliefs stem from the advertising that projects perfection as the ideal status before success can be assured. The swimsuit and fashion models come across as unblemished, perfect creatures without any flaws. Men are always handsome and you never see any of them as overweight and lounging on a recliner, beer in hand. Yet reality is far from this picture of perfection yet many people spend millions of dollars and countless hours of anxiety and worry trying to live up to an impossible dream. To advance to the future, the past must be forgotten except for the lessons it teaches.

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