On Being Alone


Most days I enjoy being alone.  I like coming home to a quiet house, well except for one very whiny cat.  I can eat the almond butter out of the jar without worrying about double dipping.  There is no one home waiting for me so I don’t have to check in with anyone if I’m going to be late.

And yet, I miss having someone to check in with if I’m going to be late.  I miss coming home and having someone to share my day with and to hear about theirs.  I love my quiet Sunday mornings but they would be more enjoyable with someone here to share coffee and read the paper side by side.

If you’ve been reading lately, you know I decided to do the whole online thing to get back out into the dating world.  I have since decided to deactivate my online profile.  It was beginning to feel a bit ‘yucky’, for lack of a better word.  I may go back to it but for now, I’m taking a break.  I was beginning to see old patterns emerge, feeling a bit like I was desperately seeking someone.

So for now, I will come home to a whiny cat, eat my almond butter straight out of the jar and enjoy by Sunday coffee and paper solo.  I know I will meet someone…it will happen at the right time…until then, I am just fine being alone.

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5 Responses to On Being Alone

  1. Celina Wyss says:

    Sometimes it is when we stop looking that the thing we most want finds us. Holding that thought for you.

  2. kolleen says:

    i second Celina’s wisdom.

    and you know … you can come visit me sometime and we can have coffee on a sunday morning and talk about whatever our hearts desire!


  3. Grace says:

    When least expected, you’re elected x0

  4. michelle gd says:

    i am thirding and fourthing the sentiments expressed here. holding this for you. xo

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